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27-Gallon Tote Bag

Protect your Product

No Foolin'!

Grab your tote bags:

32 x 22 x 43 x 3 mil bag

Inside-Tote: 15 lbs.

Outside-Tote: >40 lbs.

100 bag rolls, 25 and 50 packs are available!

Preservation, Protection, Peace of Mind

Hempsac bags are designed for the curing, storing, and transporting of hemp and other agricultural products. Hempsac bags are designed primarily for farmers, growers and anyone else looking for a proper preservation and storage solution of their hemp or similar agricultural product. Hempsac helps with retaining cannabinoid levels through its moisture and oxygen barrier technology. Hempsac also has odor reduction features to reduce the smell of your product during storage or transportation.  Hempsac sets the packaging standard of hemp protection and preservation and gives you peace of mind knowing your product is cared for.


hempsac is for farmers

Retain CBD values and protect your investment

Everyone with experience in growing and processing hemp knows that once the hemp is harvested and dried, through normal storage, its CBD values may drop. Assume your harvested hemp has a CBD value of 16%. Everyday conditions of ultraviolet light, moisture, and static electricity will drop that value to 12% (on average) by the time it is sold. This 4% drop caused by the factors above would cost a typical farmer thousands of dollars.


We are setting the standard

We are the packing company of the hemp industry

We engineer our bags to be effective protection of the product you put in it. We make our bags with quality polymers right here in the USA. Most FIBC bags are made in India, China, or Mexico and do not protect your flower from moisture and oxygen which create mold and other harmful contaminant microbials absorbed from the surrounding environment. Hempsac bags are soft and flexible with the following qualities:

  • FDA approved, food-grade quality

  • Resistance to UV radiation

  • Heat sealable

  • Waterproof

  • Stress-crack resistance

  • Low-temperature toughness


Preserve your quality, increase your profits

Retain CBD values and protect your investment

Hempsac bags protect your product from sub-par, non-food-grade containers, bags, and packaging solutions that can leach heavy metals and contaminants into your product. FIBC bags are a nylon mesh, typically non-food grade, and originally designed to hold construction materials, not food-grade products. Hempsac is specifically engineered to protect your hemp in the following categories:

  • Providing strong odor reduction

  • Moisture barrier

  • Non-stick protection inside

  • Plastic does not leach into your product


An ideal storage and transportation solution

Keeps odors from spreading inside warehouses, containers, and bays

The strong composite odor reduction layer not only helps against rodents, but the bags are large enough for storage and transportation. More and more processors, handlers, and storage facilities are recommending that all hemp flower and biomass they purchase MUST be delivered in Hempsac bags.

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